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Quote1Private/Commissioned Artwork

EVERYONE has framed photographs capturing a particular moment in time that they like to recall over and over. Turn that photograph in to a private collection painting for yourself or a loved one in the Smith Artwork style!  Private/Commissioned Artwork is available NOW!

Capture and display your most precious memories throughout your home or gift a personal selection to a loved one in Smith Artwork’s unique style through paint on canvas. Affordable pricing with a quick turnaround makes purchasing a personal and memorable piece of artwork easily available to you. This unique gift will be cherished and passed on through the generations.


The Process is Easy!

  1. Complete the form below with your Name and Email Address
  2. We will email a pricing chart
  3. Find that special photograph portraying a beautiful or powerful moment that you would like to turn in to an original painting
  4. Email your photograph and canvas selection to
  5. We will contact you in order to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss the details of the artwork


Artwork is Amazingly Affordable!

As many of you know, artwork can be insanely expensive! Even copies and prints seem to be a luxury to most these days. Smith Artwork would like everyone that loves our unique style to be able to enjoy an original hanging in their home! Our prices have been set with all incomes in mind. Prices vary based on canvas size and details of the artwork. ALL pieces range from $300 – $700. We promise there will be no hidden fees or surprises. Pricing will be discussed during the FREE consultation.


Turnaround is Quick!

It will take approximately 4 weeks from consultation to shipping. Timing may vary based on artist’s demand. Paintings will be safely packaged and shipped to your door. We can also ship directly to your loved one with a personal note from you. Please keep in mind, Christmas and Valentine’s Day may be exceptionally busy so get your orders in quickly!


Create something special and Buy Now or inquire for more information below:

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